Sunday, February 22, 2009


This is Toby, my cat. He is a Maine Coon cat. I got him for my birthday last year. He is very soft and really cute, but he is very, very evil. He scratches and bites, and lays on the kitchen table and pulls the drain out of our bathroom sink, and claws the furniture. But I love him to death. He is just like me, he just sleeps a little more. : )

He was trapped in the box. : )

He likes to watch the tv, too. He sits right in front of it with his nose in the screen. He will stay that way for almost 20 minutes.

He loves to sit in boxes. Christmas is his favorite.

He's got really big feet. He's double-pawed. Twice the claws... yikes.

He was naughty from the beginning. : )

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