Sunday, June 28, 2009

Show Pictures!!!

Most are from warmup, and most of the good ones I took are on Elisabeth's camera, so SHE has to put them up! : ) First, Kate and Doodle:

Ak and Jaxon

Lizz and Chey (good job in the flat, lady! I'm so proud! You probably should have won, actually, since Breezy wasn't stopping, like, ever. )

And... pre show.

sorry sorry sorry!

Oh my gosh, I know that I am a terrible blogger. I will try to do better for the two of you : ) But anyway, our first Lucky Clover show of the year was held yesterday! Wheee! Breezy and I did the 2'3" for the third time ever and ended up with a first in our flat, a second in hunter O/F, and a first in the Medal class, so now I am totally qualified! yay! I really don't think that I deserved either of the two first places, though, because in the flat it took us about 25 seconds to come down from the canter, in both directions, and in the Medal class we were cutting our corners. My theory is, though, that the judge always looks down after she tells us to walk, so that she can write down who was on the wrong leads and who broke, etc. Therefore she always misses the extremely noticeable fact that Breezy and I continue to bomb around the ring well after everyone else has gone to walk. Oh well. The blue ones are prettiest, so I'm sure not gonna send them back. I am a little sad that no one really got any pictures of me, because my mother took four of them, and you can't see me in any. I took some really good ones earlier in the day, though, mostly on elisabeth's camera. I'll put the good ones from mine up in a second.

Friday, June 19, 2009


Haha! I just finished my last final (math... ew) and I am now on VACATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hooray! However, work starts tomorrow, which makes everything slightly less fun. Oh well. Come visit me!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

T- Minus 12

Well, officially 12 days left of school... I think. We get out the 19th. However, I am super stressed because of Lacrosse and finals. Plus, we have to read Great Expectations, which, btw, is almost 500 pages. And the actual plot of the book could be chronicled in 50. Sigh. And we only have until the end of school to finish it. I still have 200 pages to go. And I have a game this week, possibly more than one if we win. I just want the school year to be OVER!!!