Sunday, February 22, 2009

Other stars of the horseshow

Brego, the jumping draft horse. He's gone now, but I was always impressed to see him jump. It's like he's defying gravity. I love it.
Elisabeth had a tough day, and this was the only jump that she and Beloved took, but I wish she could have seen this picture, because it is totally PERFECT!

Beth and Super Doodle and me on Darling Beast at the home show

Beth and I both had our first rounds in the 2'3" at the show, and we took 1st and second, which was simply smashing, in my opinion, especially for Beth. because she could barely get the stubborn little Doodle into the ring. But she persevered, so good for her.

Flat class. Too far forward, just a little.

I love this picture. We are flying!!

Home Show: Kate and Breezy and Julie and Zip

More pictures from the home horseshow. Julie and Zip did their first horseshow, and Kate and Breezy did short stirrup for the first time.

Julie and Zippy did a smashing job for their first time.

Kate and Breezy did a great job as well!

Home show: Brooke and Moe

We had our first horseshow at our home arena, and Brooke rode Moe in the short stirrup. Here are the pictures.

I like this one. He's nice and round.

My homecoming dress

Me and Nat finally got our dresses on and went off to my first HOMECOMING DANCE! Like I said, the people at the entrance took my hat away from me, which was sad, but still, you guys all still get to see me in a dress and heels, so soak it up, it won't happen again soon.

I'm not sure what this was supposed to be. It's kind of a cross between Charlie's Angels and the Thinker. :)

She was wearing my other shoes. : ) It really didn't matter though, beause everyone takes off their shoes at the dance, which is really nasty. I think I stepped in both gum and vomit, but I can't be sure.

I wasn't paying attention, because they were taking pictures of Nat, and I was staying out of the way.

I nearly fell down right then. I am not good with heels.

Pre-homecoming with Natalie

Before going to homecoming this year, I hung out at my friend Natalie's house, and then we got ready together. It was pretty cool. There was dancing, drinking of some kind of sparkling raspberry grape juice thing in very cool cups (it was NOT alcohol, I promise!) nail painting, and lots of picture taking.

Nat being the disco queen...

I love my hat. I was very sad that the homecoming people would not let me wear it inside. They killed my look. It was sad.

This was the afore-mentioned raspberry grape juice cider thing. It was pretty good, but better to use as a prop for our picture scenarios.

We were doing the thing that they always do at weddings, with the champagne. We almost spilled it all over the place waiting for the picture to take. : )

Medal Finals

I went to Medal Finals this year, and came in 12th place, which wasn't spectacular, but I was thrilled that Breezy and I ribboned (barely), because this was my first year. In my first class we had the best round ever in my life, and we were just about to finish up, and I screwed up the course. I was so upset with myself!!! So we didn't pin in that class. Then we did the actual medal class, and put in about an average performance, with a couple of bad distances, but overall solid, so since Breezy is the little stylist, we got the callback, which we kinda bombed, but that's okay because we were guranteed a ribbon at that point anyway. But it was raining so hard, and Brooke needed Breezy for her classes at the SAME TIME, it was a hectic day, and I wasn't too disappointed with the results. : ) She's amazing. The ride home was a bit entertaining too, and I took some pictures.
Brooke was so tired that she fell asleep in the car on the way home, with her helmet still on. Classic.
When leather gloves get wet, and then are left on your hands for about three hours, bad things happen.

Me and Lizz. She was the groom, scoping out the landscape for next year, where she and Logan will ROCK OUT the Mini Medal! She was such a lifesaver that time, though, and it was so sweet of her to be there in all the rain. : )

First day of High School

Sigh... I tried so hard to put it off, but it came anyway: The first day of High School.

Pennsylvania vacation this summer

I went on a vacation this summer to Pennsylvania. We went to Hershey Park, which was awesome, and had some really instense roller coasters. There is one (the first I went on, naturally) that drops more than 90 degrees, so you're going even more than straight down. That was awesome. We also went on an Amish buggy ride, which was cool because it was so different from the way we live. We also went to the Philedelphia Zoo, which was very cool.

Is this not the happiest picture you've ever seen in your life?

Have you ever seen a polar bear slide down the side of a rock and into the pool. I have, and let me tell you, they make one heck of a splash!

I took about 200 pictures in attempt to get this one. Otters are always having so much FUN!!!

This was our Amish Buggy.

Past feats of weather

It has been a very interesting weather year. We got a really intense hailstorm in June. It looked like snow! And then we had an extremely rainy summer, with thunderstorms almost every night. But it made for some really nice rainbows. AND THEN there was the practically unmentionable ice storm this fall/winter where everything was frozen and the entire state was out of power. If you have even been 4 days without heat, running water, or light, then you know how TERRIBLE it is!

Our little maple tree was frozen all over, but the pine trees were much worse. The branches were too heavy, and a lot of them broke.

Double rainbow this summer.

This really is hail. There was Sooo much of it! And, it all came down in a matter of about five minutes!

More hail...

A closeup of the rainbow. I like this picture a lot.


This is Toby, my cat. He is a Maine Coon cat. I got him for my birthday last year. He is very soft and really cute, but he is very, very evil. He scratches and bites, and lays on the kitchen table and pulls the drain out of our bathroom sink, and claws the furniture. But I love him to death. He is just like me, he just sleeps a little more. : )

He was trapped in the box. : )

He likes to watch the tv, too. He sits right in front of it with his nose in the screen. He will stay that way for almost 20 minutes.

He loves to sit in boxes. Christmas is his favorite.

He's got really big feet. He's double-pawed. Twice the claws... yikes.

He was naughty from the beginning. : )

the whole point of this blog...

Ok, confession. The purpose of this blog is mostly to use as a place to dump all of my pictures so that I can delete them off of my camera and not feel bad. There. I said it. So here are going to be some of my favorite pictures. The horsey ones will come later. Bear with me, though. I am still figuring this out.

First Post! Yay!

Okay. So I've never done this before, but I am starting a blog. (Mostly for all of you pesky barn people who never get off my back about sending you pictures, even though I try and it breaks my email. Sigh...) Just Kidding, a little. So, anyway, here we go!