Sunday, February 22, 2009

Medal Finals

I went to Medal Finals this year, and came in 12th place, which wasn't spectacular, but I was thrilled that Breezy and I ribboned (barely), because this was my first year. In my first class we had the best round ever in my life, and we were just about to finish up, and I screwed up the course. I was so upset with myself!!! So we didn't pin in that class. Then we did the actual medal class, and put in about an average performance, with a couple of bad distances, but overall solid, so since Breezy is the little stylist, we got the callback, which we kinda bombed, but that's okay because we were guranteed a ribbon at that point anyway. But it was raining so hard, and Brooke needed Breezy for her classes at the SAME TIME, it was a hectic day, and I wasn't too disappointed with the results. : ) She's amazing. The ride home was a bit entertaining too, and I took some pictures.
Brooke was so tired that she fell asleep in the car on the way home, with her helmet still on. Classic.
When leather gloves get wet, and then are left on your hands for about three hours, bad things happen.

Me and Lizz. She was the groom, scoping out the landscape for next year, where she and Logan will ROCK OUT the Mini Medal! She was such a lifesaver that time, though, and it was so sweet of her to be there in all the rain. : )

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