Sunday, February 22, 2009

Past feats of weather

It has been a very interesting weather year. We got a really intense hailstorm in June. It looked like snow! And then we had an extremely rainy summer, with thunderstorms almost every night. But it made for some really nice rainbows. AND THEN there was the practically unmentionable ice storm this fall/winter where everything was frozen and the entire state was out of power. If you have even been 4 days without heat, running water, or light, then you know how TERRIBLE it is!

Our little maple tree was frozen all over, but the pine trees were much worse. The branches were too heavy, and a lot of them broke.

Double rainbow this summer.

This really is hail. There was Sooo much of it! And, it all came down in a matter of about five minutes!

More hail...

A closeup of the rainbow. I like this picture a lot.

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