Sunday, April 26, 2009

The 12 mini posts of vacation

Well, it has been a long week, but definitely not long enough. Vacations never last as long as you want them to. But, sigh, back to the old grindstone tomorrow. Last weekend I had a lesson, then barn clean-up day Sunday. Worked quite hard. Raking. Ick. Then was forced to go home and do yet more yard work. Then went back to the barn to sleepover, but realized that I was sick and had to go home. Monday I went shopping with my sister and helped her pick out her clothing for the next three years. (Seriously. The girl would wear her clothes down to shapeless brown masses if she was allowed.)

My Tuesday was pretty much killed by having to go to practice at 8 in the morning, but we did go bowling in the afternoon. I don't know why I subject myself to that, ever. I must be the worst bowler in the country. Small children that wear light up sneakers can bowl better than me. Sigh. We were supposed to have a scrimmage on Wednesday, but it was raining, so they couldn't line the field Tuesday, so the scrimmage was pushed to Thursday, which was the day I was supposed to have my lesson. So that was all up in the air.

Wednesday, because efforts to reschedule the lesson had not worked out, my mom and I had lunch and went shopping with my friend Natalie and her mother, who is a friend of my mom's. That was fun. Then we were told that the scrimmage was cancelled totally, so that left Thursday free for my lesson.

On Thursday, I had my private lesson. Yay! I now ride completely differently, but that's okay. I had fun. Thursday at practice, again at 8 in the morning, we were stuck running laps around the field for HALF AN HOUR. We were supposed to only be running for 2o minutes, because the plan was for us to do 10 minutes of Indian Sprints, then 10 of running at our own speed. After our sprints, our coach left to sort out our warmups, then proceeded to forget about us for an additional at least 20 minutes. Gah.

On Friday, we had practice again, then went to a local scrimmage, supposedly as a team, but hardly anyone else showed up. After that, my family went to play mini golf and eat an ice cream, a family tradition for April vacation.

Saturday, it was 92 degrees. We had our lesson anyway, and it was quite fun, just grievously hot. It had been about mid sixties all week, and then just, out of the blue, ninety. My sister got heat stroke. But we had our Saturday night outing anyway, because my parents were gone out with my aunt and uncle. I felt bad for missing Jess's birthday party, but my parents needed me to stay home so that Jenn wasn't all alone. We ordered a pizza and scoured the entire town to find season 1 of Chuck (best show ever) and couldn't find it anywhere. We were even forced to enter the sketchiest establishment ever, Bull Moose Music, but we were rewarded, because, to our surprise, they actually had it. Hooray!

Now, today, I did more lawn work. Most of the day. And watched Slumdog Millionaire, which was an incredibly good movie. You should watch it. Now, I am going to go to bed, and sadly, be forced to go to school tomorrow and confront the fact that I have not finished my math test from Friday, and have forgotten everything.

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