Thursday, April 2, 2009

Just a classic update...

Well, as it turns out, the lesson with Phil did not go at all. I got to the barn Friday, all excited, only to find the darling beastie with a gigundous bump on her shin. That meant that I couldn't ride her, obviously, and I didn't want to just ride on someone else, because I really don't get t have that many privates, and I wanted to work with Breezy. At least I found it, though. Anyway, I rode little Doodle on Saturday, then slept over. It was pretty uneventful. The horses all took a huge group gallop up and down the field several times during the afternoon, and I got some amazing pictures/video of it. Lizz should have them up soon, (maybe she already does) because I took them on her camera. Now a bunch of them are lame. : ( But Breezy was inside, so she couldn't hurt herself more. We also went on a really cool trail ride, all the way to Mr. Edgerly's. It was quite muddy, but we made it through, me on trusty Gossip, who is SUCH a trail horse. She is so good. On monday I started Lacrosse. We ran the mile (7:33) and a 40 yard sprint (5.9 sec). But it was sooo cold. The next day, we went for a 2.5 mile run at the end of practice, which was interesting, since I have never done a road run before, except for the 2 mile this fall for field hockey. But I did okay. I was, like, maybe 6th back. Out of 45 or so. Then, on April Fool's day, my coach said that we were going to have to do a 6 mile, and even made us start it. We got all the way to the stop light, and then they told us it was a joke. I was so happy. It was SOOOO cold. about 10 degrees colder then the first day. My hands got all frozen and purple, and I couldn't feel them anymore. (Metal lacrosse stick shafts get fiercely cold, for all of you who don't know!! ) On Saturday there is a scrimmage that goes until midnight (isn't that RIDICULOUS?) but unless I make varsity (which I do not in any way expect) I will not have to go. So I should see all of you lovely people at the barn, where I will get to ride the super hyper pony who hasn't been ridden in a week and a half. Glory. Be there with cameras and an ambulance. : )

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