Thursday, April 16, 2009

Almost Vacation!!!

There is only one more day before vacation!!!! Wheee! I am so ready, too. On Monday, we ran over three miles, mostly uphill. Ooof. And I fell down, scraping my knee rather nastily (is there such a thing as sidewalk burn?) and then re-scraped it on Wednesday on the grass. So I have now gone through about four layers of skin. Also, I was awoken this early morning to the delightful sounds of my darling kitty cat vomiting especially nastily on my very bed. At 2:45 in the morning. Then, once I kicked him off, he proceeded to yark all over my floor. The smell, as well as the fear of waking up with it on my face kept me from ignoring it and waiting until morning, which I desperately wanted to do. So, at the lovely hour of 3, I got up and spent the next fifteen minutes searching for individual chunks of cat vomit, as well as stepping in it. Once finished de-pet-staining and febreezing the daylights out of my room, I promptly climbed back into bed. Then my mother showed up. What superb timing she has.

I also had a lacrosse scrimmage today. It went pretty well, even though it was surprisingly cold over in jolly old Wells on the seacoast. At least it should be flip-flop weather tomorrow. Fingers crossed. I miss the Beastie. I did not get to ride her Wednesday. : ( But I should have an interesting ride Saturday. I might also get to do my private sometime over vacation! Yay!

Horseshows are around the corner! Happy thoughts.

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