Sunday, May 10, 2009

A very long week

Sigh. This has been such a long week. First of all, I did not have LAX games at all until Friday, because this was our bye week. So we had practices everyday until Friday, when we had our game. Lost. Crap. But I scored a goal! But then they called it back because they forgot to stop the clock, so time had run out. But everyone said it should have counted. On Saturday, I had a lesson. That was fun. Then we took my Grandmother out for mother's day. And I literally spent the ENTIRE day today (it is now 3:53) doing homework. Bleh. At least I have a show next weekend. YAYYYYYY!!! Gonna be such a busy weekend, though, plus all of my projects are due. That makes me stressed. I don't even remember anything I put into this post. That is how fried my brain is right now. Guzzzzzzz.....

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