Friday, May 22, 2009

Fallout from the show

Honestly, I think I'm still recovering from the show last weekend. And we didn't even get up that early! I think that I am just out of practice. Anyway, when all was said and done, Lucky Clover did very well, and I think everyone came home with at least one ribbon. I personally got a first, second, and a sixth. I totally did not deserve the first. That was in my flat class, which I almost missed because I wasn't even dressed, because I thought that I would have time after warmup, but I didn't. So I was stressed, so Breezy was fast, and didn't want ot stop. Which meant we pretty much charged around the ring with our ears pinned back, resisting all cues to slow or stop. And yet we won. The judge must have fallen asleep at strategic moments. At least I got all my leads, though. Then in my next class I had a pretty good round, but Phil made me do this tight turn, because it was an EQ class, and I could totally do it, because I had done it in warmup, but I was just focusing on not crashing into either of the jump standards, so I missed the jump and had to turn around. So I got sixth in that one, but there were no hard feelings because it was just a schooling show, so practice makes perfect. My other class was the downeast medal qualifier, and I got second in that one, mainly due to the continuance of the anti-stopping coalition. And also the lack of any quantifyable ability to sitting trot. But for my first time out over the 2-3", I am pretty happy. There should be pictures up soon.

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