Sunday, March 15, 2009

My weekend...

Well, first off, Saturday:
Ok, I've gotta tell you, I nearly had a heart attack at the barn saturday morning when PHIL WAS EARLY!!! Not even "on time" but early... as in, before 11:00! Isn't that impressive? Anyway, we had a good lesson. We did some bounces and gymnastics, and they got up pretty high towards the end, about 2'9". Breezy loved it. She is just starting to get back into shape now after her brief (about three weeks) rest time from getting a splinter in her eye in the fall. It is a shame though, because I am going to start lacrosse in two weeks, and then I am not going to be able to come to the barn after school, because I am going to have practice every day until 5 or so. But anyway, we had just finished our last run through the gymnastic (which went very well) and we were watching lizz go. She was riding Corona, who she highly dislikes, because he is a jerk. Not to mention, he dumped her into the concrete supports in the indoor a few weeks ago. But anyway, they finally got a good distance into the bounce, and Lizz even made him stretch and get the two stride after it, which Corona had been having trouble with before, but he took a big jump, and it unsettled her just a little, and she lost her stirrup. Then, as they went around the corner she just got bounced off, because Corona has nothing to hold onto, or grip with your legs, or anything. But it didn't really look like she was even going to hit that hard, because she almost had one of her feet under her, but I don't know how, but she managed to fall flat on her back and crack her head on the ground. You could even hear her helmet crack as she fell. It was awful. Plus, she had already broken the top of her helmet on the beam in the loft. But now, the thing is cracked all the way through. She is definitely going to need another one. And she broke her glasses right in half along the bridge, which is quite a feat, since she fell on the back of her head. She is going to look like Harry Potter. : ) I hope she gets better soon, and doesn't have a concussion.Love you Lizzie!
After the lesson we all (me, brooke, jess, beth, and AK) did chores, and then we all decided to ride some of the horses that never get ridden, because, I mean, it was a nice day out, I was feeling brave, I haven't fallen off in a while, (knock on wood) and I needed to break in my new helmet. : ) So I rode Leroy, Ak rode Lego, Beth rode Cheyenne for Lizz, Brooke rode Slick, and Jess, who was feeling particularly brave, took little Jazz for a spin. It went very well. I ended up on Lego and Slick, as well, and actually did not fall off of any of them. We didn't really even have any incidents. : ) But I guess they really aren't bad guys, they're just misunderstood. : ) After that, Beth had to go home. (Do your Spanish, Beth!), but the rest of us went over to Jess's house, which is actually really close to my house. We ate pizza and breadsticks, and watched bullriding for a while, then watched Wedding Crashers, for lack of anything better to do. This morning I went back to the barn, cleaned a stall, then went home. Now I am blogging, drinking iced tea, and putting away laundry. This is my life. I go from high energy, fun barn world, to home world, in which I flop out and enjoy not doing anything. Sorry for this being so long. I don't understand how I can be so happy in both of them....

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