Sunday, March 22, 2009

Just another happy weekend!

Well, the week has flown by, and I once again find myself blogging on a Sunday. But whatever, Sundays are good. This Friday, I went to Mr. SHS, which is a competition to find the funniest guy at our school. It was pretty good. Then on Saturday I went to my lesson, which I will pretty much skip since I know that I am the only one who reads my novels about the previous lessons. : ) But Kelly did fall off, and we got it on video, so that may show up on here later, as well as some other footage of my courses and such. After I went home, I had to go buy my friend a birthday present, and after that I wanted to go back to the barn, and I practically begged my mom, but she said NO! : ( So I went back today, and we all (me, Brooke, AK, Beth, Lizz, Maddy, and Sandi) all went to Double G. Yay! Now I am home, freshly showered, and once again eating junk food and relaying my escapades to you fine people. (Probably just Lizz and Liz, but that's okay!) I like to put it out there. Later!

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